Are You In Search Of An Inspirational And Transformational Leadership Speaker Whose Insights Can Connect And Transform Your Team?

Is there a disconnect between the kind of leader you are and the one you want to be?

Do you wish you could handle challenging stressors and personalities in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you?

Could you benefit from building your resiliency toolkit?

And are you ready to step into a leadership mindset that will engage, inspire, and motivate your team?

No matter where you are in your career, and no matter how far you’ve risen in the ranks, it’s important to maintain personal wellness in the workplace. Work presents a lot of stress as is, but as women in leadership roles, we often struggle with taking on too much, creating an imbalance that leads to emotional exhaustion and burnout. 

My role as a transformational speaker is to coach you on leveraging your strengths, managing stress, and getting what you want out of life both personally and professionally. Using stories and themes to help you re-energize your leadership narrative, my speaking engagements are designed to empower you to live—and lead—with intention.

Hi, I’m Charese Josie, Leadership Consultant & Transformational Speaker

I wear many hats: Transformational Speaker, Licensed Clinical Therapist, Leadership Consultant, Master Storyteller, and “The Insightful Introvert” to name a few. I know that mental health and emotional intelligence have a lot to do with implementing positive outcomes in every area of life–and in every phase of your career. 

My motto is healthy people, healthy relationships, healthy teams.

I make transformational speaking engagements available to leaders of all backgrounds seeking to understand themselves and their workplace dynamics better. Offering you tailored guidance on stress management, relational intelligence skills, and communication strategies that will conserve your physical and emotional energy, my speaking engagements can be the key to unlocking your highest leadership potential. 

Examples Of My Leadership Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are typically done via structured consultations and workshops for individuals, which can be done online or in person. I am also available for keynote speeches and breakout sessions for larger groups.

Topics include:

The Art Of Acceptance—Prioritizing Chaos And Finding Peace

This seminar is designed to improve your problem-solving abilities as you facilitate a new understanding of challenging situations and dynamics.


  • Learning to accept reality even if you don’t like it.
  • Strategizing on how to meaningfully advocate for the outcome you want.
  • Improving communication skills and learning to use powerful language without becoming aggressive or defensive.

Blending Personal And Professional Life—Navigating Changes In The Context Of Work

Through this speaking engagement, you will develop a completely new awareness of yourself and your expectations when it comes to leading others.


  • Establishing a thriving personal and professional identity.
  • Developing new and effective strategies for addressing criticism, conflict, and career evaluations.
  • Maintaining diversity and power within supervision.

Resisting The Urge To Let What You Do Become Who You Are

In this seminar, you will be armed with skills for understanding and managing hurdles.


  • Creating respectful yet effective boundaries in the workplace.
  • Building healthy personal and professional relationships.
  • Reducing daily stress and increasing resilience.

Let Me Assist You And Your Team In Thriving

If you could benefit from learning stress management and stress resiliency skills in the context of your leadership role, I invite you to book a consultation call to learn more about how my speaking engagements can benefit you and your team. To learn more about my approach, you can visit my Leadership Consulting page.

What Customers Says

We take pride in our customers’ feedback and look forward to hearing your success stories too!

"Charese is always awesome at holding the participants attention and having interactive/engaging learning sessions. We love her presentations!"

    Lashana West

    Millionaire Mindset Coach & Business Therapist

    "I had a wonderful experience with Charese and would collaborate with her again as well as recommend potential clients for her coaching business."

      Shauntae Hudson

      Instructional Coach

      "I was pleased as the show host from the booking of the interview to the taping of the show."

        Christie Taylor

        The Christie Taylor Show

        "This was one of our favorite interviews. We truly enjoyed having Charese on the show. Things flowed smoothly and effortlessly with her from start to finish. We are grateful for her time! This was truly a great experience and we would love to have Charese back for additional interviews and dialogue with us! It would be great to promote her products and share more about her work in our community of viewers/ listeners."

          Nicole Queen

          Truth Talks TV

          "Charese came highly recommended through a mutual friend. She didn't disappointment at all and was very knowledgeable of the topic discussed. I really enjoyed having this discussion with Charese and will indeed invite her back."

            Quiandria "KeKe" Willis

            Truth Talks TV