Looking To Enhance Your Effectiveness As a Leader?

Are you a leader, manager, supervisor, director, c-suite exec, coach, consultant or entrepreneur?

Is your team struggling with productivity, interpersonal conflict, or other issues that adversely impact outcomes?

And could you benefit from leadership coaching or consulting to assist in getting your personal and professional life back on track?

It may seem as though you aren’t getting out of your work what you put into it. Instead of feeling inspired, motivated, and successful in your leadership role, you may be overwhelmed and burnt out. And though you have tried different problem-solving strategies, you may become paralyzed when confronted with questions or challenges, feeling easily triggered at work.

Women Face Additional Hurdles When It Comes To Being Successful Leaders

As a woman in a leadership role, you have to juggle a lot. You’re probably working in overdrive just to manage everyone’s needs and expectations—especially as your employees come to you with both personal and professional concerns. And you may wonder how you can use your training, knowledge, and work ethic to motivate your employees.

Yet you might be avoiding speaking up or setting healthy boundaries out of a fear that you will come off as cold, defensive, or inflexible. You may not feel comfortable delegating tasks or knowing how much involvement to take in each of your employee’s projects. As they come to you with questions and concerns, you may feel increasingly underprepared to identify concrete solutions.

All of this is causing you to overextend yourself. Between taking on others’ responsibilities and being unable to set firm yet fair guidelines, you are not allowing yourself the time and space needed to be an effective leader.

As a leadership consultant and licensed clinical therapist, I want to guide you in re-establishing a sense of control and balance in your life. I teach high achieving women leaders to transform their habits and behaviors to increase their income and form stronger personal and professional relationships without risking their emotional and physical energy.

Whether you are looking for professional consulting services to improve your team dynamic or hoping to enhance your individual leadership skills, I will coach you in areas of emotional intelligence to progress your ability to connect with those around you.

What Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) And Why Is It Necessary?

Though many people in leadership positions believe that logistical and financial prowess are what make a good manager, the truth is that emotional intelligence is the most essential quality of a good leader.

Emotional intelligence is “defined as the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, as well as recognize and influence the emotions of those around you.” [1] The benefits of emotional intelligence are verifiable. Studies find that people with a high EQ make $29,000 more a year—and that employees with emotionally intelligent supervisors were four times less likely to leave their jobs. [2]

We are all emotional creatures and learning how to have our emotions work for rather than against us paves the way to healthier relationships with ourselves and others in our lives (including both personal and professional relationships). 

The benefits of high EQ include:

Coaching and consulting can be the key to unlocking your full leadership potential—both as it pertains to your workplace dynamics as well as your own individual fulfillment. Working together, we can improve your confidence and communication in a way that will allow you to meaningfully achieve your goals.

  • Saving ourselves from saying something we’ll later regret
  • Increasing the value of what we say
  • Speaking with more confidence

  • Taking control of thoughts and behaviors to avoid impulsive decisions

  • Reducing passive-aggressive behaviors
  • Reducing passive-aggressive behaviors
  • Strengthening relationships

  •  Gaining more insight into how others perceive us

  • Saying what we mean and meaning what we say

  • Bringing out the best in those around us

  • Conserving time and energy

  • Easing frustration and reducing conflict

  • Focusing less on problems and more on solutions

Leadership Coaching And Consulting Through My Practice

My clients often come to me feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and unsure of their ability to lead effectively, impacting their confidence on both a personal and professional level. They’re struggling to balance the needs and strengths of their team members or overcompensating in other areas when what they really need is some coaching in emotional intelligence. That’s where I come in.

My consulting services are available to individual women experiencing barriers in their workplace performance, as well as executives and those in leadership roles who want to improve the team dynamic. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and therapist and often draw from therapeutic concepts to identify past patterns. I try to take a future-focused approach as a leadership consultant so that we can quickly implement lasting solutions.

Together, we will facilitate a stronger sense of trust in your decisions, develop new strategies for calmly asserting yourself, and work to improve your mood, which will improve the overall quality of your work. As you make small changes to your work habits, you can invite significant, positive transformation into your life.

What To Expect

Each coaching and consulting session is individualized to the needs of each client. For leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs, I am available to provide keynote speeches and/or development training. To find out more about program topics, visit my Speaking Engagements page.

In individual coaching sessions, we will establish career goals, address mindset issues, and combat negative self-talk. I’ll coach you in creating a customized plan for success, enhancing your sense of confidence and empowerment along the way. You will be given tasks each week to reinforce progress and expedite the coaching process.



Increasing self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management (the four domains of emotional intelligence)


Managing your expectations in leadership (the Art of Acceptance)


Identifying the difference between help, support, and leadership


Learning to create systems, checks, and balances


Developing effective communication (both verbal and nonverbal)


Building personal relationships professionally

Through our work together, you will be able to take control of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions—both in the workplace and in every area of life. Soon, you will see that you’re able to bring out the best in those around you, easing frustration and reducing conflict and saving your emotional and physical time.

Leadership coaching and consulting will allow you to focus more on solutions than problems. By learning to create the life you want for yourself and being completely accountable in the process,

you will ultimately conserve time and energy by effectively leveraging your—and your team’s—strengths.

Common Questions About My Approach As A Leadership Coach And Consultant

What Customers Says

We take pride in our customers’ feedback and look forward to hearing your success stories too!

"I walked away with some clarity on what I need to focus on in this season of my life."

    T. Williams

    "The experience was great. Charese has assisted me with major transitions in my life. The sessions assist with self-discovery and propelled me forward. The sessions are always positive, practical and enlightening."

      T. Lyles

      "Our session began on time with Charese having an agenda and sticking to it. She asked precise questions and gave clear encouraging feedback."

        L. Duke

        "Charese provides and guides through a session of real life practical resolutions for my session. I'm able to implement and place the solutions in my toolkit for everyday life."

          T. Lyles