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Who This Is For - new supervisors 3 months to 3 years who supervise salaried employees who want to boost their decision-making confidence & excel in their roles.

When You First Became A Supervisor,Who Trained You?

Yep No One!

Supervising involves managing people, making confident decisions, and handling challenges beyond knowing the job itself.

Where do New supervisors turn when they need clarification, confidence or help with difficult employees?

Join The Influential Leader Network

Supporting Community for new Supervisors (3 months to 3 years)

Why Join The Network?

Trust Yourself to Make Decisions

Build the confidence to navigate complex challenges with ease.

Harness Your Intuition

Learn to create and manage effective teams and resolve conflicts confidently.

Master Leadership Skills

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to support your team, and communicate effectively.

Decision-Making Confidence

 Develop trust in your decision-making abilities.

Team Management

Enhance your intuition for team dynamics and conflict resolution.

Comprehensive Leadership Skills

Gain the essential skills no one teaches you, from communication to creating a positive team environment.

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GOAL: Eliminate imposter syndrome, improve coping, sleep better, reduce stress, and feel prepared to lead. Learn how to effectively manage relationships without being irritable, moody, and preoccupied because of work-related pressure. Learn how to advocate for yourself while being professional, support your team while keeping them accountable, and set clear expectations in and outside of meetings. Make decisions confidently without over-explaining and address higher management expectations effectively.

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What'll you get?

What You'll Get

Live Trainings

Join us for live sessions twice a month.

Group Mindset Work

Participate in monthly group mindset work to strengthen
your leadership mentality.

Monthly Q&A

Get your questions answered in dedicated Q&A sessions.

Private Community

Connect with peers in a private community off social

Email Templates and Resources

Access practical tools for conflict management, handling difficult employees, and managing diverse personalities.

Leadership Skills

Learn how to advocate for yourself, support your team, and set clear expectations.